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mat walerian

new album premiered

February 2018 | ESP-Disk' label

Brooklyn, NYC



Mat Walerian Michael Bisio Whit Dickey

"Sonic Fiction"

ESP 5018

with :

Matthew Shipp | piano
Mat Walerian | saxophone + woodwinds
Michael Bisio | double bass
Whit Dickey | drums

from liner notes by Michael Bisio :

Sonic Fiction : My first thought was BEST TITLE EVA’ !!! Sheer genius ! This has to be a great recording … it is.

Can’t wait for the cover art.

Science fiction always transported me, it required me to take part, a journey, an alternate reality, a peek into the future, the what if’s … it has come to pass, many elements of modern life have their roots in this fiction. We are what we think.

Needing to know how others defined science fiction I decided to consult the oracle. Many of the definitions included words I would use, science, future, space, technology, different dimension and universe, a few even used “human element” … great ! Finally I came across the writings of Chris McKitterick from The Gunn Center for the study of science fiction, my work was done.

Most of the remainder of these notes will transpose science fiction to Sonic Fiction, a few other ripples in the fabric of space and time might occur.

Sonic Fiction is the music of the human species encountering change.

Sonic Fiction is the music of ideas and philosophy.

Sonic Fiction is a community of thinkers and creatives.

Sonic Fiction provides an approach to understanding the universe.

Sonic Fiction is the music of the Other

I’d like to thank Matthew, Mat, and Whit for the beautiful realization of these ideals and thank you Mr. McKitterick for composing your thoughts so eloquently. If you eva’ read these know there is a copy of Sonic Fiction waiting for you out there.

There is no future without a past but reality is only now. Listen.
Beam me up Scotty, Never Let Me Go

Michael Bisio, bassist from the deck of the Enterprise, August 2016